WEG – W22 Single Phase

Several key objectives have been achieved in the design of the W22 motor:
Reduction of noise and vibration levels; Increased energy efficiency and reduced thermal footprint; Easy maintenance; Compatibility with present & future generations of frequency inverters; Flexible and modular design.

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High starting torque. Suitable for domestic and rural power supply conditions. Adaptable design suitable for a variety of applications and needs.

Cooling System

    • The cooling system (fan, non drive end shield and fan cover) is designed to minimize noise level and improve thermal efficiency.
    • Steel plate fan cover provides high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and extended lifetime.

V-Ring Seals

    • V-Ring seals to prevent ingress of liquids and dust into the motor.

Cast Iron Frame

    • FC-200 (EN GJL 200) cast iron frames meeting impact level IK08 (5J) ensuring superior mechanical strength for the most demanding applications.
    • Solid motor feet providing excellent rigidity, allowing easier alignment and installation.


    • With start and run capacitors.

Centrifugal Switch

    • The starting system of W22 single phase motors was completely redesigned to improve functionality, thus increasing system reliability and lifespan.

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