PCA Incremental Shaft Encoder – INSFSeries

Incremental encoders provide position information for a rotating shaft by producing a continuous series of pulses. These pulses correspond to increments of resolution on the code disk.

Incremental shaft encoders are the most widely applied industrial encoders in the world, with an extensive range of form factors and output types.

We have access to a wide range of incremental shaft encoders suitable for applications from fine instrument control to rugged, industrial heavy duty feedback.

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The INSF encoders from PCA are suitable for most industrial applications. This series provides a high increment option for a small body, up to 5,000 true A B phase signals are available. A range of flange adaptor plates are available to accommodate a wide range of mounting options.

Maximum RPM: 8000,
Torque : >0.05Nm,
Loading: Axial 40N, Radial 30N
Weight: 320g,
Temperature: -20ºC to +70ºC
Current Consumption: 40mA
Maximum output signal frequency: 300kHz.
NOTE: Short circuit protection on all wires

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